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Bay Islands Demographics

  • Age: 50% under 18 years of age; 30% elderly; 20% working age
  • Government: Democracy
  • Religion: Protestant
  • Economy: Tourism, Construction, Fishing
  • Literacy Rate: 49% - 61% (reports vary)
  • Mandatory Education: pre-school to 9th grade
  • School Enrollment: 12,000-14,000 per year or 25% of school-aged children
  • Graduation: Only 50% of those enrolled complete 6th grade
  • Schools: Not enough for all children to attend
  • All classes are bilingual.  Spanish is the national language; over 30% of island children speak English as their primary language
  • 98% of island teachers actually come from the mainland, most speak little or no English
  • Schools have limited supplies including books, instructional materials, desks & chairs

In 1990 Roatan was a sleepy little island off the north coast of Honduras that attracted divers and snorkelers looking for a laidback vacation. About 15,000 people lived permanently on the island. Their primary language was English. The economy was based on fishing and cottage industries. There were no paved roads, the island electric company was getting started, and telephones were a novelty.

 Today..... the world has discovered Roatan. Over 75,000 people live on the island. Electricity, paved roads, cell phones, internet are now standard. Tourism has replaced fishing as the primary economy. Cruise ships visit Roatan daily. Her beautiful reefs draw thousands of divers who now stay at upscale hotels, resorts, and condos. Retirees flock to top-notch gated communities