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               partnering with our communities to improve education in the Bay Islands

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What is PIER?

PIER stands for Partners In Education  - Roatan.  We are a Honduran NGO dedicated to improving education and quality of life on the Bay Islands.  PIER has many programs in the community, but we are best known for the Sand Castle Library & the Bookmobile.  

Partners In Education - Roatan

Our Mission

To improve the economic development of the island and the quality of life of its people by ensuring the excellence of education.

We strive to meet seven key goals crucial to the success of the education system for Roatan:

  • Ensure a place in school for every child
  • Encourage education beyond the 6th grade
  • Create a better educated local workforce
  • Help train qualified education staff
  • Emphasize island culture and Spanish and English learning
  • Encourage community involvement and pride
  • Encourage effective use of technology

Asociacion Pro Integracion Educativa Roatan (PIER) is a Honduras non-profit organization (NGO).


Program Staff


Executive Director – Cam O’Brien

Accountant - Edgar H. O'Brien


Librarian – Victoria Membreno

Reading Specialist – Brenda Stanley

Math Specialist – John Dilbert

Driver/Classroom Coordinator – Samuel Dilbert

                  Sand Castle Library

Librarian – unfunded

(currently library is staffed as possible by Cam, the staff and volunteers.)

Our Board Members

Partners In Education - Roatan


  • President                           Cesar Gonzales, Sr.          
  •  1st Vice-President        Kent Burnes                         
  •  2nd Vice President      Winston Oliver Fisher     
  • Secretary                          Janine Goben
  • Treasurer                          Edgar H. (Ted) O’Brien
  • Fiscal                                  Luis Rodriquez
  • Vocal 1                               Camilla T. (Cam) O’Brien
  • Vocal 2                               Dr. Charles Parchment
  • Vocal 3                               Flor Castillo
  • Vocal 4                               Clark Johnson
  • Vocal 5                               Milesse Kennedy
  • Vocal 6                               Patrick Connell, MD


Executive Director  -- Camilla T. (Cam) O’Brien