Sand Castle Library & Bookmobiles

partnering with our community to improve education in the Bay Islands

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Make it happen!

Volunteer on Roatan

We always need help.  

Volunteer positions on Roatan:

Library Assistant- help out in the library, match kids with books, read aloud, help with homework, play games, organize the materials and books

Bookmobile Assistant-

Travel on the bookmobile, help kids find books, read stories, tutor in the classroom, prepare the bus for its travels

Story In A Bag Builder

Help create classroom kits 

Service Learning Trips:

Volunteer organizations looking for partnerships or service trips, please contact us for more information.

if interested, please contact

Cam at +504-9657-9457 in HN 


Patti at  in the US.

You can

$5        Buy a book or replace a computer mouse

$15       Buy one oversize book for classroom and large group storytime

$50       Fund the construction of benches and shelving for the library

$100     Fund the purchase and shipping of a pallet of children's books

$200     Replace a computer in the learning center

$300     Fund 6 story in a bag kits including oversize book and 6-8 learning activities

$400    Keep the bus fueled for a month

$450    Keep the utilities running (water, power, septic) for 1 month

$550   Sponsor the salary of a librarian for 1 month

$600   Sponsor the salary of a reading specialist for 1 month


Donate Now!

through a directed contribution to Brain Spaces, a 501c3 nonprofit that partners with PIER to bring community-based learning programs to the Bay Islands.