Bookmobiles & Stories-in-Bags 

               partnering with our communities to improve education in the Bay Islands

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Make a Difference!

All donations - big or small- help us keep the lights on, replace damaged books, fuel the bus, & all of the things that make it possible to provide great programs and opportunities to children & teachers on Roatan.

You can help...

$5         Provide school supplies for a student or replace a mouse on the e-learning computers

$15       Buy one oversize book for classroom and large group storytime

$50       Fund the construction of benches and shelving for the library

$100     Fund the purchase and shipping of a pallet of children's books

$200     Replace a computer in the learning center

$300     Fund the creation of 6 story in a bag kits including oversize book and 6-8 learning activities

$400    Keep the bus fueled for a month

$450    Keep the utilities running (water, power, septic) for 1 month

$550   Sponsor the salary of a librarian for 1 month

$600   Sponsor the salary of a reading specialist for 1 month